About Alma International

Mission Statement

ALMA is The Source of standards, news, networking, and education for technical & business professionals in the acoustics, audio, and loudspeaker industries.

ALMA Serves The Business of the Loudspeaker Industry

ALMA now addresses the many questions regarding the business of designing, building and marketing loudspeaker and acoustic products. This NEW added pillar of ALMA International allows members to form a more complete picture of the challenges and opportunities in the industry.

ALMA Educates

ALMA is committed to working with universities, other institutions and individuals to develop educational programs on subjects related and relevant to loudspeakers such as design, development, manufacturing, and testing as well as student memberships and to provide training in various formats to our membership.

ALMA is not just for manufacturers and engineers anymore.

Founded in the USA in 1964 and expanded world  wide in 2001, ALMA International hosts an annual convention every January in Las Vegas, Nevada just prior to International CES. AISE (ALMA International Symposium & Expo) brings together world-class experts in the fields of loudspeaker transducers, acoustics, audio test and measurement, and related technologies as well as business leaders to seek other industry professionals to do business and to make essential connections.

ALMA Provides a Forum for the Loudspeaker Industry

ALMA offers multiple opportunities for networking among members by creating a marketplace where buyers and sellers may convene and connect via online and in person media. Educating through timely and effective communications to  ALMA members, governments, businesses, the media, academia, and other appropriate audiences.

ALMA Develops Loudspeaker Manufacturing Standards

ALMA establishes, publishes, and promotes technical standards for use in designing and manufacturing loudspeakers and loudspeaker components.

What is ALMA?

ALMA International is a global, not-for-profit organization of industry professionals focused upon the advancement of loudspeaker design, manufacturing, and associated audio and acoustic technologies. ALMA International creates and promotes a conducive environment in which to make connections and to do business.   

Membership Options

ALMA is not just for manufacturers and engineers anymore.  We have salespeople, marketers, managers, technicians, educators, students, and even enthusiasts joining from all over the globe.

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