The ALTI Driver Awards

ALTI’s Driver Awards are in 3 distinct levels:

Gold Award is for outstanding service to ALTI

Titanium Award is for an outstanding technical or industry achievement

Beryllium Award is for Lifetime Achievement in our industry

Any ALTI Member may nominate an industry member for an award. Winners are awarded their trophy at the Annual ALTI Banquet at ALTI-Expo. Nominations may be made at any time.

The Beryllium Driver Award for Lifetime Achievement

Recognizes significant and sustained contributions to the Audio and Loudspeaker Industries over a career or lifetime

Beryllium Award for Chris Strahm WILL be awarded at 2018 event.

Chris N. Strahm

November 20, 1956 - November 25, 2016

ALMA International awards the Beryllium Award for lifetime achievement to people who have contributed significant service to the audio industry throughout their career. In 2017, ALMA was pleased to Honor Bob Gault of Eminence fame. For 2018, ALMA honors an industry leader that was taken from us far too soon. Chris Strahm, founder and President of LinearX left us on November 25, 2016.

Chris’s contributions to the audio industry dates back to the 1980sĀ and he was active and contributing

to the industry continuously right up to his death.Much has been written about Chris, but perhaps the best tribute to him was written by Vance Dickason in the February issue Voice Coil magazine.

Rather than try to recap his article, we include a link at the end of this announcement. Long time friend Vance Dickason will present the award to Chrisu2019 wife Susie, who has consented to attend our Banquet and to receive the award for Chris. Join us for AISE 2018, and our annual Banquet on January 6 at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Past winners include: Ed Dell, Don Keele, Andy Kotsatos, Floyd Toole, Laurie Fincham, Matthew Polk, Edgar Villchur, Paul Klipsch, Vance Dickason, Amar G Bose, Richard Small

The Titanium Driver Award for
Significant Technical Contribution

Recognizes a specific technical contribution, accomplishment, or expertise in the Audio and Loudspeaker Industries.

Past winners include: Wolfgang Klippel, Peter Larsen, Alex Voishvillo, Sean Olive, Doug Button, Siegfried Linkwitz, Kuldip Raj

The Gold Driver Award for Sustained Contribution to ALMA

Recognizes long-term contributions to the wealth of the Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics

Past winners include: Cliff Digre, Laurie Crook, Zarina Bhimani, Steve Tatarunis, Michael Oslac, Phil Bunch, J. Andrew McKinney, Jr.