ALTI Editorial Policies And Advertising Rates

ALTI welcomes news from all sources that are of interest to our members.

We invite members to submit articles or news items for consideration in our ALTI-NEWS newsletter and on our website.

All submissions will be considered based upon their value to the loudspeaker industry and our members.

Submissions that are promotions for a company, person, or entity will not be considered news items unless submitted as a press release.

All submissions are subject to editorial review and/or edit. Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

ALMA encourages our members to participate in the loudspeaker industry by participating in our website, our newsletter, and of course, AISE.

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July 1, 2020

ALTI LLC position on public, national, international issues

The purpose of this document is to set forth the policy for comment and positioning regarding issues that may impact our industry and our Members. This policy shall apply to all designated executives and representatives of ALTI LLC.

ALTI is not, and shall not be a political organization. ALTI and its leadership shall not express any preference regarding political issues within the United States or anywhere in the world. If there should arise specific issues or incidents that may positively or negatively impact our industry and our Members, ALTI may at its discretion, report on the issue, invite comment from the Membership, and encourage Member discourse without taking a stand as an association.

If there should be a policy or incident that should have major impact, either positive or negative on the industry or our Members, the Executive Committee may, at its discretion, issue a policy statement. This incidence should be rare, well considered, and be completely devoid of politics of any kind.

ALTI is, and shall remain a non-partisan, apolitical organization. Any and all policy positions shall be issue based only and never based upon a partisan affiliation. ALTI supports our Members, the industry, and policies that advance the interests of both.