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Just a taste of what is coming to AE2020…..
  • Dr. Sean Olive of Harman on the latest studies in perception of Headphone Sound Quality
  • Jinlan Huang of COMSOL with an in depth presentation on the system capabilities and how to use it.
  • Mike Klasco of Menlo Scientific with a Panel discussion on the evolving neo-magnet marketplace
  • Mike Klasco of Menlo Scientific “Doing Business With China and Beyond”
  • Adrian Weidmann of StoreStream Metrics + 2 guest speakers present the Business Builders Workshop. An intensive deep dive into branding, identity, and successfully getting a new product to market. Culminates in a fun and informative “Shark tank” like event at InfoComm to present a “New product” to actual prospective buyers. 
  • Much more in the works!

Content Abstracts

COMSOL Multiphysics Workshop

By Jinlan Huang, PhD

Workshop: June 15, 2020 2PM to 5PM in NAPA D

This workshop will be divided into two sessions. In the first session, we will give an overview on the capabilities of COMSOL Multiphysics in loudspeaker simulation to different level of complexities. A specific model example will be presented to showcase how COMSOL may be used not only to simulate the behavior of a loudspeaker but also to optimize its design to the desired specifications. 

In the second session, the attendees will have a chance to use the trial software to create a simplified loudspeaker model right in the classroom by following the leader. You are able to learn the basic work flow in creating a multiphysics model inside COMSOL that includes defining global parameters, importing CAD models, setting up acoustic-structure interaction physics, meshing, solving, and postprocessing.

Prior sign up to the 2nd half hands-on session is required to get a trial license so that the COMSOL Multiphysics software can be downloaded beforehand. (NOTE: Details of preregistration will be posted in March, 2020. Bring your laptop or media device to participate in the hands-on segment. There is no fee to attend this workshop)

Speaker Builders Workshop (SBW)

By Jerry McNutt- Eminence Loudspeaker, Jinlan Huang- COMSOL, Brian Myers-Parts Express/Dayton Audio

This hands-on workshop covers the development of a loudspeaker product from concept to design, to modeling, to materials choices, to building a working loudspeaker and testing to confirm it fulfills the desired application specs. Then we will design, model, and add an appropriate enclosure and tune a port for best response.

Every level of the design and fulfillment supply chain will benefit from taking part in this session, and learning the difference between a customer’s desire and the actual product possibilities. A thorough understanding of the tools available to reduce design time and minimize redesigns and “tweaks” will also be extremely useful.

Attendees will keep the driver and enclosure.

Amplifier Builders Workshop (ABW)

By Dan Foley- Audio Precision and Brian Myers- Parts Express/Dayton Audio

This hands-on workshop focuses on the design, assembly and testing of a two-way bookshelf loudspeaker system incorporating a Class D amplifier with integral Bluetooth capabilities.  A maximum of eight teams with no more than six people per team will compete to create a finished product that meets or exceeds key design specifications related to frequency response and sensitivity among others.  Each team’s finished product will be tested for acoustic and electrical (impedance) performance.  Members of the team with the best performing product will win a Dayton Audio DATS V3 Computer Based Speaker & Audio Component Test System.

Workshop attendees will learn:

– Utilizing a passive radiator versus a tuned port for extended bass response

– Passive crossover networks; benefits as well as limitations 

– Switching amplifier (Class D) operational theory and practice

– Basics of Bluetooth audio codecs 

– Best practices for assembly and test of a finished powered multi-way loudspeaker system

Business Builders Workshop (BBW)

By Adrian Weidmann- StoreStream Metrics, Spencer Knisely- Textile Creative Studios, 3rd presenter pending

The ALTI Business Builders Workshop is designed to provide new innovative ways to create and position your brand to be competitive- regardless of your size. We’ll show you how to leverage modern web-based tools to create internal business and marketing automated workflows that increase your efficacy and efficiencies. We’ll show you how to best present technical products to a non-technical audience. Included will be essential elements of the “Power of the Brand” session presented by Adrian Weidmann.

One of the issues we’ll cover is how to use tools that allow even small companies to work efficiently and leverage automated marketing tools to address social media, personalized email marketing strategies. We can expect a recession and small companies will need to do more with less- we want to let those that pay attention know that there are ways to compete effectively.

Activating on The Consumer- First Positioning (Part of BBW)

By Spencer Knisely- Textile Creative Studios

The workshop seeks to expand on the concepts put forward in the ‘Power of Brand’ session, adding the positioning and marketing of product benefits to specific customer sets.

This session introduces concepts which will help to define distinct customers by needs and attitudes, then how to position a product by addressing those defined needs directly in the planning of marketing programs and sales enablement content.

Finally, the session will present support for the rich understanding and utilization of CRM software to enable selling and marketing activity. Definition and discussion of the strategies used to create a portfolio of knowledge about each customer which involves tracking, logging and responding through planned workflows proven to streamline operations and increase sales.

DSP Builders Workshop (DBW)

By Dan Foley- Audio Precision and Brian Myers- Parts Express/Dayton Audio

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is one the biggest advances with improving listener audio quality. However, DSP is often used as a panacea to “solve” audio issues when the root-cause lies elsewhere.  This hands-on workshop will focus on what DSP can and cannot do regarding how to get the best audio quality from a multi-way loudspeaker system.

The two-way powered loudspeaker that was assembled in the ABW will be used in conjunction with a DSP board that incorporates an Analog Devices audio DSP chip.  A maximum of eight teams with no more than six people per team will compete to substitute DSP-based crossovers and parametric EQ techniques for the passive crossover used for the ABW product.  Each member of the team whose finished product best meets or exceeds stringent frequency response and time alignment targets will win a C-Note MT Bookshelf Speaker Kit Pair with the Class-D/Bluetooth and DSP used in the ABW and DPW.

Workshop attendees will learn:

– Where DSP can and cannot overcome audio-quality issues

– How DSP easily enables complex crossover networks compared to RLC networks 

– Proper time-alignment of multi-way systems

– Basics of designing audio DSP systems using Analog Devices SigmaStudio

NOTE: This workshop will be held at InfoComm on June 17 in the afternoon. Exact time/place TBA

The Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality

By Dr. Sean Olive- Harman International

We recently completed a 7-year research project aimed at understanding the perception and measurement of headphone sound quality. A virtual headphone listening test method was developed to provide controlled, double-blind comparisons of different models of headphones and target response curves using a large number of trained and untrained listeners in USA, Canada, Germany, and China. From these data, we identified a new headphone target curve that is preferred by the majority of listeners. Statistical models were developed that predict listeners’ headphone sound quality ratings based on objective headphone measurements. More recently, cluster analysis of headphone listening test data has shown there are three segments or classes of listeners based on similarities in their headphone sound preferences. Both demographic (i.e., age, gender, listening experience) and acoustic factors are associated with membership in each headphone segment. This information can help guide future headphone design that is aimed at a specific class or segment of listener.


Neo-Magnet Forum

By Mike Klasco- Menlo Scientific

Panel discussion of the state of the Neo-magnet industry, supply issues and futures, and new sourcing options.

Full abstract to follow.

Doing Business in Asia: Beyond China

Mike Klasco- Menlo Scientific

Tariffs, labor issues and other supply chain issues create chaos and added time and expense to bringing products to market in a timely and cost efficient manner. The tariff battle between the U.S. and China has added cost and confusion for American manufacturers as well as Chinese suppliers. It has also created opportunities for some and expanded the map for the loudspeaker supply chain.

We will explore where the supply chain stands now, where we may expect it to go in the future, and how to survive and thrive in an uncertain market.

Full abstract to follow