ALTI-EXPO2020 System Builders Workshop

What is System Builders Workshop?

System Builders Workshop is a deep dive into product development that takes the participant from concept to design to modeling, to building a working loudspeaker system in 4 modules.

Module 1. Speaker Builders Workshop:

  • Concept of the product for our “customer”
  • Design and modeling of the loudspeaker
  • Building a working  loudspeaker
  • Designing and tuning a task specific enclosure with port tube
  • Assembly and testing the system

Module 2. Amplifier Builders Workshop:

  • Build a 2 way system with amplifier, bluetooth, and passive radiator
  • How to design and properly match the needs of the application to the specs of the loudspeaker
  • Examine options and identifying the benefits or drawbacks of various solutions
  • Install the amplifier/Bluetooth module to the loudspeaker 
  • Set up and tune the system
  • Testing

Module 3. DSP Builders Workshop*:

  • What is DSP and why it is beneficial and how it is often misused
  • Examine the design and functionality of a DSP module
  • Add the module to our System. Set up and tune
  • Go through the common pitfalls and and give guidance to get the most out of the benefits of DSP
  • System testing

Module 4. Business Builders Workshop:

  • Designed for company executives, Sales and marketing professionals, and product development professionals but a useful experience for engineering staff as well.
  • Identifying opportunities. Evaluating risk/reward. Knowing when it is beneficial to be bold, and when to “wait and see”.
  • Establishing an identity for company and product that sets one apart from competition.
  • Building on ones identity and making it pay.
  • Introducing our Wireless portable PA system designed for temporary use at conventions, public gatherings, and more.
  • Develop an identity and a marketing plan for it.
  • Present to a group of prospective buyers to decide the best plan in a “Shark Tank” like environment*.

*DSP Builders Workshop and the “Shark Tank” like finale to the Business Builders Workshop that we are calling “Piranha Pond” will be at InfoComm immediately after ALTI-EXPO2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Time/Place TBA

The most comprehensive training experience of its kind ever done in this format!
The Presenters:

Module 1 Presenters.

Barry Vogel- Executive Director of ALTI: Welcome and Introduction 

Jinlan Huang- COMSOL: FEM

Brian Myers- Parts Express/Dayton Audio: Enclosure design 

Jerry McNutt- Eminence & ALTI Board of Directors: Speaker design and assembly


Module 2 Presenters.

Dan Foley- Audio Precision & President ALTI

Brian Myers- Parts Express/Dayton Audio

Marian Liebig- Klippel GmbH


Module 3 Presenters.

Dan Foley- Audio Precision & President ALTI

Brian Myers- Parts Express/Dayton Audio

Chris Perez- Parts Express/Dayton Audio


Module 4 Presenters.

Adrian Weidmann- StoreStream Metrics

Spencer Knisely- Textile Creative Studios

Ed King- HighStreet and Living Retail Lab

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