ALTI-EXPO2020 Attendee Page

ALTI-EXPO2020 will be an exciting event for attendees! Our core offerings of International exhibitors and session presenters as well as unbeatable networking continues and grows in 2020. ALTI-EXPO2020 kicks off unofficially on June 13th with registrations, exhibitor set up, and a reception/networking event for students and general membership. AE2020 officially kicks off on June 14 with a full slate of education sessions and exhibitor area. 

The BIG change from 2019 is the evolution of our very popular Speaker Builders Workshop introduced at AISE2019. For 2020 it becomes System Builders Workshop and grows from the design and build of a functioning special purpose speaker to include enclosure design and tuning in Module 1. Module 2 is the Amplifier Builders Workshop (ABW) adds an amplifier with bluetooth and the modeling, measurement and tuning of it. Module 3 is the DSP Builders Workshop and will add DSP to the system including  function, tuning, a guide to proper use and pitfalls to avoid, and measurement. Module 4 is the Business Builders Workshop which approaches the project from the business aspect. What good is a great new product without a valid plan to develop it, build an identity for it, and sell it? BBW is targeted to executive training, but is highly recommended for all because it is helpful for engineers to understand the business side of product development. SysBW is an added fee to the usual All Access Pass to cover materials costs and added expense, but still represents an amazing value. Please note that although each module of the System Builders Workshop is designed to build on each other, each will also be available ala carte if desired. People who sign up for the full course will leave ALTI with a working wireless amplified speaker with DSP.

The other feature of the ALTI-EXPO education program is that our cooperative agreement with InfoComm continues to advance with Module 3 of System Builders Workshop will take place at Infocomm as will the final grand finale of the Business Builders Workshop with a fun and exciting “Shark Tank” like event called Pirahna Pond. Stay tuned for exciting details.

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The pricing structure changes are laid out below. Please go over your choices carefully so that you get signed up for everything you want to attend at AE2020.

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