As of July 1, 2020, ALMA International dba ALTI is retired. ALTI LLC replaces the former entity under the sole ownership of Executive Director and now CEO, Barry Vogel.

ALMA and then ALTI was formed in 1964 by members of the loudspeaker engineering specialty segment in support of American loudspeaker manufacturers. The mission has changed and evolved over time. We added “International” to ALMA to recognize and welcome the global community into ALMA in order to better serve our industry. Then we widened our focus to include the business side of our industry recognizing that unless great engineering leads to great business, great engineering will not happen. In 2017, we widened our focus to include products and technologies that surround the loudspeaker industry. This was done in recognition of the changing landscape in which audio technologies are integrated and connected, and will no longer be “stand alone” products. This led to the name change in 2019 to ALTI. Audio and Loudspeaker Technologies International; A name that more closely reflects who we are and who we are becoming.

As ALTI LLC is born, it is done with the recognition of the efforts af many great Association Members and leaders. Their legacy will be honored and continued as ALTI moves forward with fresh ideas and initiatives to better serve our Members and the industry.



Barry Vogel- CEO of ALTI LLC

39962 W Thornberry Lane, Maricopa, Arizona, USA

602-388-8669 or




Vanessa Rene- Vice President of ALTI LLC

Ferrotec USA

33 Constitution Dr, Bedford, New Hampshire, USA

ALTI Executive Advisory Board (EAB)

The ALTI Executive Advisory Board is a group of Industry leaders with various specialties and interests who have volunteered their expertise to help to develop the products and services that will drive ALTI into the future. Thank-you for your willingness to be involved!

We welcome other voices to get involved as well. Contact Barry Vogel should you be interested.

Our Executive Advisory Board

Vanessa Rene (VP- ALTI) Ferrotec USA

Mike Klasco- Menlo Scientific

Dan Digre- MISCO

Joao Martins- AudioXpress

Mark Beach- Beach Dynamics

In addition, ALTI has 3 specific Advisory Boards that addresses the 3 main focal points of ALTI

Technology Advisory Board (TAB)

Dan Foley- Chair

Ron Seebarran

Andrew Bellavia

Jerry McNutt

Luis Esparza

Business Advisory Board (BAB)

Adrian Weidmann- Chair

We need volunteers!

Education Advisory Board (EAB)

Vanessa Rene- Chair

Scott Munsell

Aaron Lutzo

Justin Zazzi

All of our Advisory Boards are looking for more volunteers. These are action oriented, progressive groups. We are not looking for ways to talk issues to death. We are looking for volunteers who are forward thinking, action oriented, and willing to play a role in building the ALTI for the future. Let’s create opportunities for you and our members to grow and prosper! Email Barry Vogel with your interest!