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      ALMA International Forum Rules ALMA International’s membership is diverse. We represent the entire spectrum of the electroacoustics and audio industry, so there’s bound to be disagreement among us. Indeed, that’s what makes the Forum’s conversations so engaging. We welcome all points of view and encourage members to freely express theirs. That said, we request that all discourse in the Forum be kept respectful and civil. To that end, we require all members participating in the Forum to comply with the following Guidelines:
      • We do not permit abusive language; we will not post, or will take down, any comments we find that contain abusive or hateful language.
      • Bear in mind that this is a public forum. As such, do not post another person’s personal information without consent or otherwise violate another’s privacy. Likewise, don’t post any thoughts, ideas, or personal information about yourself that you don’t want made public.
      • We don’t tolerate plagiarism, copyright infringement, the impersonation of another, defamation, or any language that advocates or incites violent or illegal acts.
      • We don’t allow advertising or solicitation on any of the ALMA Forums.
      • And last but not least, we ask you to refrain from using that Caps Lock button—no shouting here.
      By posting on this site you agree that you are fully responsible for what you submit, just as you understand that we are not responsible for any user-submitted content, and that the views and opinions expressed by users of this forum are not those of ALMA International itself. By entering this forum you agree to be bound by this website’s policies and rules. ALMA International retains the right to remove any content that does not conform to these guidelines and to deny further access to the forum to any person who posts such content.
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    • 3 years, 2 months ago

      Barry Vogel