ALTI Webinar And Audio Grounds Chat Series

Staying in touch. Staying up to date. Staying engaged. That is what ALTI is all about. Whether it is helping our Members to do business and to grow financially, or whether it is about presenting news and education that expands knowledge to help our Members to stay one step ahead; ALTI’s mission is the success of our Members.

“Why would I do this through ALTI? I can host my own webinars and chat sessions.” Because ALTI may reach people and companies that you are not yet reaching. And even your own constituancy can get complacent about communication from the same place. In addition, ALTI does the work! We set it up. We handle the registrations. We promote to our global audience through our own resources and through our media partners. And this is a FREE service to Corporate and Sustaining Member companies (see details on our benefits page). In addition, webinars may be posted to YouTube after broadcast to be available for years to come. Sponsorships and specialty presentations may also be added for greater exposure. 

ALTI is dedicated to providing products and services that our Members will find useful and the industry will value!

The ALTI Webinar series allows our corporate Member/partners to present education and information about products, technology, innovation at any time making it a timely way to reach out to the industry. This is a FREE service for our corporate Member/Partners, and FREE to attend.

Audio Grounds is the 21st century equivalent to a coffee break chat. These informal online discussions will allow unscripted discussion about what is going on in your company and around the Audio, Loudspeaker & Technology Industry with peers from around the world. In a Covid-19 world, this can be a great tool to keep communication dynamic. Bring your own beverage, and join the chat.

July 15, 2020 9AM EDT to 6PM

Sign up to host an Audio Grounds chat session. Less formal than a webinar. More interactive. Allows for open conversations and a relaxed environment. No slide presentations needed. This really is the 21st Century version of a coffee break….with a lot of friends. Open to host by any Corporate or Sustaining Members.